Hollister UK back to Munich: the tracks have been fixed

Back to the story of the Munich complex, with little to Neuschwanstein, it touches on the Royal Munich beer with a big pig pork more directly related to interleaved so on the form, in "2010 I drew a circle in Europe - cooked trotters ran "in slowly come. Munich, Germany, the Raiders, the first day of the dinner is planned at the famous Royal Pi Jiuguan HB Munich, exasperating is the first day when the telephone book, are full.

Hollister United kingdom and had booked a second night, but the other day and said reservation, to reserve the early evening. Munich Real Pi Jiuguan HB was so well known, and well-known book can only be corrected through the book a day at night, the day is not booked, and every night of the reservation is booked for an hour: it's tomorrow night and please sooner! We even played in three calls, finally, finally, to book the next day at 8 o'clock in the bank, although I have to come back the next day from the new trotters Neuschwanstein eat, not the day the first day game in Munich in then at night to eat so well, but the ideal and reality is always a distance, plan never change quickly.

But I think, not tonight, tomorrow night Hollister UK to eat eat, but eat not to eat well. 9: 00 the next morning, we went to Neuschwanstein game (see below an "I was in Europe in 2010 drew a circle - the storm of Neuschwanstein "), at noon to eat late I warned you: handyman night Royal eat lunch, not the spring. Neuschwanstein Castle at the foot of the mountain suffered wind and rain, I encourage you to night Real pork to eat, go! The foot of the Neuschwanstein Castle Hill Fuson wait an hour and catch the train back, I will comfort you: night eating Royal handyman, handyman has been cooked!

Jingan slow to catch, and finally to 17 hours, Hollister UK Fuson boarded the train back to Munich, should arrive in Munich at 19: 00, then went straight to the Munich Royal Pi HB Jiuguan, 8: 00 and began to eat great trotters! familiar with the train to get some time, actually stopped, they say, in front of the tracks were washed away. Seeing the hour, minute by minute the past, almost 8, and to us on another train, make a detour to Munich. The train to go an hour, we were out: for the bus. O my God, that can be loaded to the number of passengers traveling by bus on the train!

Then, after a long time, inform us on another train, to return to the original corner point. So back and forth, hard, train finally reached the Munich train station is 9 pm, the Royal Pijiu Guan has been closing, and we have already booked seats passing, and admired for a long time I am afraid of the big German trotters already eaten by others! Posted by Hollister Outlet from it.